Series Education Projects: Talitha Kumi Christian Academy

The Talitha Kumi Christian Academy (TKCA) is a school in a a small city named Arandis situated in the west of Namibia, about 60km away from Swakopmund and once brought up by the local uranium mine. The TKCA was found due to the work of the initiative Hopes Promise Ministries Namibia, which arose from an American Christian church. The school contains classes from grade 1 to 7 and a pre-primary school. The majority of the pupils are children, who are affiliated by the Hopes Promise Ministries, because they could not stay longer with their families due to different reasons. Plenty of the children lost their parents because of AIDS, or the Namibian government took them out of broken family structures. These affiliated children are brought to Arandis, host mothers of Hopes Promises take care of them and they get education at TKCA. The project is funded by donations from the US and Germany.

TKCA has very small groups of maximum 15 children which makes a big difference to many governmental schools where partly more than 50 students build one class. Many of them grew up in broken family structures and who made bad experiences in any way, so the project boosts their self-confidence and gives them individual support.

The TKCA is a school, which is built upon Christian values and norms, which is not uncommon for Namibia since Christianity has a big influence on daily life in Namibia. A lot of people from the project gain strength and a high social cohesion from the religion.

The viewing of this project is very interesting because it makes a small but visible contribution to the improvement of the education situation in Namibia, even if the TKCA is a non-presentable school type for Namibia due to its small classes.

img_1471 img_2432


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