Conclusion of the last weeks

There was a lot of progress in the last few weeks, especially due to the launch of our NamCareerService. Here, we briefly sum up the current milestones.

1. NamCareerService by
On 9 September we have launched the NamCareerService, a platform where we publish offers for bursaries, intern- and apprenticeships for young Namibians. Within the first five weeks, more than 360 people liked the page and the user’s involvement is excellent.In the context of the Career Service, Welwitschia offers a scholarship, worth N$7500, as well.What do we plan with our new project? There is no such platform yet in Namibia, even though there are plenty of offers for scholarship and the like. We have chose Facebook as our platform since most young Namibians have a web compatible cell phone and a Facebook account. Since the launch, we have posted at least one offer per day. In the meantime, we become more and more popular in Namibia, whereby we have received inquiries for cooperation from similar initiatives. Furthermore, Carsten, our chairman, was interviewed by Radio Kosmos which was already published. We will upload the interview as soon as we have access to it.

This is the link to NamCareer Service: Like the page and tell your friends about it!

2. Elections of the board
Every year, the board must be newly elected. We have decided to do that online. The election will take place from 17 until 23 November and is open to all members. Afterwards, on 24 November, there will a member assembly to introduce the new board and discuss the ongoing in the initiative. We are still looking for candidates who are interested in working actively for our initiative. Candidates can also be nominated by others. Those, who are no members yet but want to take part at the election and member assembly, can download the membership application form here.

3. Member Skype meeting
In the last weeks, we have expanded the board Skype meeting to a active member Skype meeting and have invited everybody to join us and discuss current events and projects. If you are interested to get involved with the initiative, just send us an e-mail and we will invite you!


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