Conservation through Education — AfriCat’s Environmental Education Programme

The Namibian Foundation AfriCat, founded 1991 in Okonjima, made protecting endangered leopards and cheetahs in the long-term view to their goals by working closely together with farmers, local communities and mostly with the youth of the country. AfriCat offers programmes  to release animals back into the wild, the intermediation during conflicts between the human being and the wild animal and research projects with wild animals and works close together with farmers and local constituencies.

Since the beginning of this year, AfriCat started to be very active again in the field of environmental education. Environmental education is offered constantly at its own farm school, where AfriCat, amongst others, educates the farm workers’ children in conserving wild animals and the environment, and a new program “AfriCat’s Environmental Education Camp” started, where farmers and youngsters of the surrounding cities are welcome.

In the programme “AfriCat’s Environmental Education Camp” the participants are being taught in a playfully way how to protect the environment and how to live and act environmentally sustainable. On the programme’s own “Nature Walk”, while talking about the big and small residents of the Okonjima Nature Reserve, the participants identify tracks and droppings of animals and pay attention to the plants. They learn traditional ways of using natural resources and their specific characteristics. Later on, the students see a lepard and cheetahs live. AfriCat holds four cheetahs since their birth which cannot be released back into the wild just as well as the lepard. These animals act as ambassadors for their endangered species. Back in the camp, the participants practice to work with fuel efficient stoves“ and are being shown how to boil water with solar cookers. The highlight of the programme is the night walk where the stars are examined by the students.

By the way of teaching information in a theoretical way but also by seeing, feeling, smelling and touching, AfriCat tries to connect Namibian citizens with their own nature and makes them love and care about its unutterable treasuries since

In the end, we conserve only what we love.
We will love only what we understand.
We will understand only what we are taught.

More information about AfriCat

Lara Kiesau

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