Member’s meeting

The general meeting of Welwitschia members took place on November 24 via Skype. 13 members from five different countries and three continents attended this conference.

Intention of this annual member’s meeting was the Welwitschia board election for 2013/2014 was executed online in the last week. During the conference, the former managing committee was introduced with their work and accomplishments of the last period. The new executive board, which consists of four members of the former committee and one new member, was eventually elected during the conference. The new managing committee is now: Carsten Rietmann as Chairman, Philipp Walter as Vice President and Director of Public Relations, Julia Legge as Second Vice President and Director of Internal Communication, Johannes Vogelsang as Finance Director and Theresa Altmann as Secretary. Int his context, we thank Katharina Ramm who has done a brilliant job as Secretary last year!

Further topics of the conference were future strategies and approaches in the work of Welwitschia in general and the NamCareerService in particular. The Career Service has become one of the main interests of Welwitschia during the last two months as it caught a lot of attention on Facebook in Namibia, as well as in Germany. The necessity of such a platform for the Namibian youth is obvious and holds a lot of potential for the coming time. In the following months Welwitschia tries to get more attention of big companies in Germany and Namibia to be able to offer more internships through the Career Service. In addition, there will be some workshops based on methods and approaches how to apply.

During the last month the application for the Welwitschia scholarship was completed and meanwhile we chose the applicant, her name is Johanna, who we are supporting financially and personally during her last year in university in Namibia. Johanna is 20 years old and studies Geology in her last year at UNAM. We are expecting reports from her soon. All in all we got 15 applications from young Namibians for this scholarship.

Like in this year, we are planning a members weekend workshop in the upcoming year. Date and place are not yet set but will be announced soon.

We are looking forward to a new Welwitschia year with a lot of new plans, ambitions and tasks all dealing with the idea of Welwitschia in Namibia, as well as in Germany.


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