Success with NamCareerService

We have launched our NamCareerService four months ago and we are overwhelmed by the feedback we receive. We are about to break the 1,300 likes, have posted more than 100 bursary and internship offers and contacted more than 200 Namibian companies. We receive mails and comments daily from our users telling us how helpful our service is.

In the meantime we receive feedback from companies whose internship offers we have posted: Maribu Events recently agreed with Frieda for an internship as well as The Marubian, a bi-monthly newspaper from Omaruru. The latter is even seeking a second intern (post will follow in the next few days on the page of NamCareerService)!

Companies contacted us that the quality of the applications they receive is not sufficient. For this reason, we offer our users to send us their CVs and cover letters in order to check them and give them feedback. In the next days, we will additionally upload a sample CV and a description of the important points.

Our board member Philipp will do an internship in Namibia from February till April. In this time he will host application trainings in several towns. We expect from these trainings to reach more people and even better contacts to Namibia.

We are happy about the our success in the past four months. This motivates us to follow the way we are going namely to improve the chance of as many Namibians as possible for a better education.

You find our NamCareerService here:



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