NSFAF plans to refrain funding for VTC students

The Namibian Student Financial Assistance Fund (NSFAF) has announced that they are considering to stop the funding of students going to Vocational Training Centres in Eenhanda, Okakarara and Windhoek. Students wishing to attend one of these Vocational Training Centres, will have to fund their studies from the private pocket. There has not been made a final decision, according to Percy Tjahere, Marketing and Communications Director of NSFAF. However, it is expected that the plan will be conducted as the funding of VTCs is not within the tasks of the fund that is only supposed to finance higher education institutions. VTCs are not considered as such.

To refrain from giving loans would have severe consequences. Many students neither have sufficient marks to attend university nor have they the funds to finance studies at a tertiary institutions as their tuition fees are significantly higher than those of the VTCs. This, in turn, will lead to a lack of skilled labour that is urgently needed in the Namibian economy in order to progress economically. Namibian students now hope that the plan is not put into reality or that a new programme will be implemented. Otherwise, the career of many young people would come to an ende before it has started.


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