Welwitschia in Namibia – Tauno Iipinge

Today we present you Tauno Iipinge our new vicechair and Director for Public Relations:

Tauno Iipinge was born in Omuthiya and grew up in Windhoek. He studies hospitality Management of which he holds a National Diploma in Hotel Management from the Polytechnic of Namibia, a Ducktorate Degree in Advanced Hospitality Management from Disney University, Orlando Florida.

Having worked in major hotels like Walt Disney Animal Kingdom Lodge, Thule Hotel and Hilton Windhoek he now is self-employed in his catering company I CHEF CC and works part-time as a consultant for EduVentures Trust.

Joining the Management committee for Welwitschia – Education Initiative for Namibia has been a great step as he is now able to contribute to the Namibian nation as a means of social responsibility.

On the other hand as he travels around the country with work, he believes that he has identified some areas where the services of Welwitschia could be of great impact and still out-sourcing interested parties among the youth and organization that could be of great benefit to Welwitschia and the Namibian nation at large.



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