There is always an end

I came to Namibia with the aim to host application trainings and to promote our initiative. After two months, I can say that these goals were achieved and the final results are even beyond our grasp. The application trainings were successfull with 32 participants only in WIndhoek and comparable numbers in Kuisebmund and Okakarara.

After the first application workshop, which I hosted with our current chairwoman, six girls approached us and asked how they can get involved in Welwitschia without even making public that it was possible. Glad that they asked, we invited them to discuss the details. Having published a meeting on our Facebook page, 13 people showed up and it became clear that it is possible to register our initiative also in Namibia. We have worked on the structure of “Welwitschia – Education Initiative for Namibia”, adopted a constitution and elected our Management Committee. We further collected ideas about future activities and fundraising events. One of our priorities is our own office in Windhoek in order to offer personal contact to our users and to provide them with offline information material. They will further have the possibility to hand in the CVs and cover letters in order to have them corrected. For this project we are looking for donations as it was not possible to find an office free of charge. We have an office of N$3500-00 (approx. 240€) per month close to the Polytechnic of Namibia. We will further need office facilities such as a printer, telephone, desk, chairs and a shelf.

Our group has increased to 17 young people in the meantime and more are coming every week. Many learners and students seek for an organisation that keeps them busy besides school and university or want to be actively engaged in the community. With Welwitschia they have found such an opportunity and get to work highly motivated. We look ahead confidently and are sure that Welwitschia Namibia will further bring forward our organisation in order to achieve our goal to improve the education situation in Namibia.

I have networked with several organisations such as CATS, a business administration skills development programme that combines theoretical learning and practical experience in the workplace. Welwitschia Namibia will host workshops at their seminar whereas CATS will support us by promoting our organisation.

I met many people in the past eight weeks that are excited about Welwitschia and are convinced that we found the right approach: Not only transferring money and hoping that it will be used for the right scopes but to establish an organisation on the spot, build up personal contact and also offer support that does not necessarily need money. We made a big step forward to achieve our goals. A good indicator for that are the many people I was talking with who were all supportive and also partly want to get involved actively.


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