Wanted: Office

We are currently seeking for donations for an office in Windhoek. We need this office in order to strengthen the sense of togetherness within the organisation  but also to offer our users an additional service. We want to give them the opportunity to ask for personal advice, we will offer them information material and help them with their CVs and cover letters. It is very important to us to be active offline as well as we want to give young Namibians the possibility to have access to information without spending money for the internet.

We found an offer for N$3500 (approx. 240€) per month whereas water, electricity and internet are included. We will further need a desk plus chair as well as a printer, telephone and a laptop. It is located in Windhoek-West, right next to Polytechnic of Namibia. This office suits us very well as we are close to students. We are now seeking donator who can support us with financing the office. We want to use our membership fees and other donations only for our activities, wherefore we seek support for our office seperately. On the right margin you find our bank account details as well as the possibility to donate via PayPal. In the case of enquiries, do not hesitate to contact us: info@welwitschia.org.


Furniture will be removed


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