Membership application


We have now finished our membership application form. Besides our German membership scheme, also people living in Namibia can now become member of our association.

What are the benefits of becoming a member?
First of all, you support us financially with minimum N$120 per year (which is only N$10 per month!). With this amount we are able to improve our services, i.e. offering more scholarships and workshops.

There are two types of members: Associate and Full Members:
Full members are individuals who would like to take part in the organisation’s continuing work. They will be expected to attend the regular meetings of the  organisation and to assist with the regular activities of the organisation.

Associate members are individuals who would like to support the organisation but are unable to make the time commitment to become full members. They are expected to make themselves available to the organisation from time to time, when called upon, so that the organisation may draw upon their skills and expertise. Associate members may also be asked to advise the organisation from time to time on policy matters. Associate members are welcome to attend regular meetings of the organisation and to participate in its activities, but will not be expected to do so on a regular basis. Associate members are not allowed to candidate for the management committee.

So depending on the time you would like to invest, you can become a full or an associate member. No matter what you prefer, you are always welcome to join us! You can download the application form here.

Screen Shot 2014-11-19 at 11.20.39


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