Member’s weekend

How should Welwitschia continue to be active and get involved in Germany? What projects could the Namibian executive board achieve and realize? Which services should NamCareerService focus on? What innovative ideas to improve the Namibian education system do exist or could be developed?

The German executive board and members of Welwitschia as well as Namibian students tried to answer these and further questions last weekend from June 13-15 2014 in Bonn. Our members workshop that has dealt with potential strategies for Welwitschia and aspects of public relations took place and has led to many positive results.

We started the weekend a braai right next to the Rhineshore in order to prepare for an intensive and productive Saturday. Not only members of Welwitschia Germany have been present but also Namibians who live in the Bonn area.

On Saturday we finally discussed about the future of “Welwitschia — Education Initiative for Namibia” in several groups. We have not only been talking about activities in Germany but also about how to improve “NamCareerService by

The weekend’s highlight was certainly the public talk ‘Namibia – Impressions and Experiences of an Education System’ which was attended by more than 40 people. We managed to invite two Namibian speakers that, coming from very different backgrounds, gave presentations about their personal education path and connected it with constructive analyses about the Namibian education system. Mayday Thomas who studies hydro engineering at TU Dresden talked about the structure of the Namibian education sector and highlighted the various opportunities for Namibian students and graduates – if only there was adequate information about them. This is indeed a core problem that has motivated Welwitschia to launch the career and education advice platform NamCareerServiceDaniel Shaningua has been living in Germany for eight years and plans to open a Berlin-based museum about German-Namibian relations. In his talk, he focused on the relevance and the disadvantages of the conceptualization of education in Namibia, in particular regarding the language education of Bantu languages.


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