New chairman Tauno Iipinge

Our chairwoman Flavia was granted with a scholarship and is now in India for her studies, congratulations! Thank you for your good work and commitment during the founding process of our initiative! It was and still is great to have you in our team!
Since yesterday we have a new chair, Tauno Iipinge. He was born in Omuthiya and grew up in Windhoek. He studies hospitality Management of which he holds a National Diploma in Hotel Management from the Polytechnic of Namibia. Having worked in major hotels like, Walt Disney Animal Kingdom Lodge, Thule Hotel and Hilton Windhoek he now is self-employed in his catering company I CHEF CC and works part-time as a consultant for EduVentures Trust.
Do you want to join our great team and help improving other people’s career choices? Just hit like and send us a message with your e-mail address and we will invite you to our next meeting!



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