New blog concept

In the past months we put the focus of our blog more on information about Welwitschia instead of articles about the educational situation in Namibia as we previously designed the blog. From now on, we want to change that.

The blog should be designed like a weekly newspaper. Several editors divide different topics and work on them according to the rotation principle so that on one specific day per week at least one article will be published. Additionally to the article about education, we will publish news about Welwitschia on the same day. With this concept we want to users to have one day they can visit the blog and read new articles.


As there will be one article per week, the article should be a bit longer than previously and also better investigated. The articles should be about education in Namibia in a broad sense but with e certain flexibility. Through the principle of rotation (one editor = one week) the time and effort per editor decreases the more editors we have.

Day of Publication

It is best to publish the articles on Thursday as the weekend is not far so that people have time to read the articles on the weekend. In Namibia, people are still at work and can make use the free internet connection.

Your advantages:

  • commitment in the Welwitschia organisation with relatively low time and effort
  • work and research on topics relating to Namibia
  • support of Welwitschia in order to make the organisation even more popular

If you are interested, please send an e-mail to Philipp Walter ( We will then organise a Skype meeting to discuss the details.


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