New Educational Advisor Kevin Wessels

As our previous Educational Advisor Stefanus Mutileni left our office, we found a good successor for him, Kevin Wessels. Read here what he has to say about himself, Welwitschia and his goals:

Why did you apply for the position of the Educational Advisor?
The single greatest benefit of working in the office is the satisfaction I will feel while working. The ability to directly influence and help a weaker part of society through hosting workshops and other activities offered by Welwitschia. I will know that I’m creating a positive change and that’s a great source of mental peace for me.

How do you think will Welwitschia help you improve your skills?
I will improve greatly on my networking abilities and my organizational skill set. I’ll work with people from several different backgrounds who are united in their passion for a particular cause. This organization will also teach me how to think out of the box.  Also if I am working for the organisation, I will develop a high degree of expertise especially in the field of hosting working and consultation.

What is, according to your opinion, the benefit of Welwitschia?
What I like about Welwitschia is that it helps students and learners find funds to study. It also awards a scholarship to a student annually and awarded ten scholarships to NAMCOL learners in Okahandja from a project that assists them with their homework and keeps them off the streets. This is an amazing job the organization is doing and this is why I like it and would love to be part of the office. It helps by hosting various application workshops and so far have hosted quite a number of them. This is to help learners correct their CVs and cover letters for applications to tertiary and job vacancies. This is normally focused on the youth but also welcomes other interested parties. It does not discriminate which is another reason why I like the organization.

What are your goals with Welwitschia?
While in office I would like the number of events to grow bigger and impact the whole of Namibia. If possible I would also like to get interested parties and stakeholders involved in the organization so that we can have a greater impact.

We are glad we could bind Kevin to the organisation and are convinced that he will bring us one or more steps forward.

We are still calling for applications for a co-Educational Advisor. Learn more about it here.



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