Election special: Democratic Turnhalle Alliance

“Moving Namibia forward”

(Adapted from ‘DTA 2014 Election Manifesto’)

“We will deliver better education by improving training of teachers and improvement of infrastructure and curriculum development as well free universal education as means to harness the potential of the youth with emphasis on vocational skills training”

The “Democratic Turnhalle Alliance” (DTA) puts its focus on a change of the system as a whole. DTA “intend to review and revise education system. (…) It shall be made people-friendly and the credibility of the system shall be restored.”, as stated in their election manifesto. Highest priority would be given to address the acute shortage of teachers and researchers and the equality of opportunity in access and success’ to all learners. The digitalisation of education is further emphasised by introducing “a national E-Library to empower school teachers and students” and the establishment of “a national program for digital empowerment through computer literacy of the people, especially the youth.” Each child shall be provided with a solar laptop to ensure IT competitiveness to not increase further divisions in the learning situations of children. It will further be compulsory that every child under the age of 16 attends an educational institution.

Secondary Education

Universalization of secondary school education and skills development through functional school shall be seriously pursued with particular focus on rural, and marginalize communities.

Tertiary Education

If elected, DTA intends to provide free tertiary education to students and vocational teaching. Furthermore, assessment exercise will be done for developing appropriate courses for higher education, to ensure that the economy get human resources. DTA will raise the standard of education and research, so that Namibian universities become at par with the top global universities and find their place in the global league.

Vocational Training

DTA promises to set up online training courses and to foster distance learning teaching classrooms. This will enable housewives and working class people to further their qualifications and further expand the vocational training.


An exchange programme shall be established in order to give learners the opportunity to broaden their horizons by visiting other countries.

To enhance employability, soft skill courses and a national programme on foreign languages shall be established.

You find the complete DTA election manifesto by clicking on the picture below.



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