Election Special: National Democratic Party

“It’s Time: The Hour Has Come”

(Adapted from ‘National Democratic Party Manifesto 2014′)

“The National Democratic Party will renew the current education system, in order [to accomodate both young and old for full time or part time studies …] because the youth are the tomorrow leaders.”

An education tax on all corporations will be introduced in oder to fund the  education and training programs introduced in the following passage:

Secondary Education

The NDP wants to review the current system so that learners in the future will be able to repeat their grades multiple times until they pass. They thus want to provide appropriate support for learners with special needs as well as access to means of modern communication for all students.

Secondly, they want to promote the teaching of traditional African languages in Namibian schools.

Tertiary Education

By building better national sports stadiums and increasing the number of sports
colleges in the country, they plan to create better opportunities for those who want to study in the field of sports.

Secondly, they also want to increase the overall number of colleges in Namibia and expand the assistance provided through the national student financial aid scheme (NSFAS) and making funding  available as loans to poor students and converting them into bursaries if studies are successfully completed.

Finally, scholarship programs which will take a minimum of fifteen thousand students  to the best universities across the world shall be introduced for the students to obtain skills and expertise in various fields.


The NDP wants to make sure that youth forums are established to assist the youth with employment training programs, scholarship assistance and bursaries.

It will introduce the national service for the Namibian youth who has
completed their senior certificate. This means they will undergo five years of military
service before they decide on their final job, in order to reduce high unemployment.

You find the complete NDP election manifesto by clicking on the picture below.



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