Election Special: Rally For Democracy and Progress

“It’s Time For Change: Together We Can Do Better”

(Adapted from ‘RDP Election Manifesto 2014′)

“Namibia’s education sector continues to produce [practically] illiterate youth who end up on the streets, expose[d] to all sorts of social evils. RDP regards Education and skills development as the heartbeat for our Namibian economic transformation and development strategy. Therefore,
visionary action must be taken to turn the situation around.”

The RDP wants to make the country more productive and competitive by ensuring a safe educational environment and reducing the teacher – learner ratio to a maximum of 1:25. They thus want to provide continuous in-service training to teachers and give them attractive incentives.

Secondary Education

While being free in government- aided institutions, the restructured education shall put deliberate emphasis on science, social science, mathematics, information technology, technical, commercial and management skills as well as civic and environmental education.   The RDP also wants to introduce Life Skills and Physical Training in both primary and secondary school syllabi as well as Fertility Education in secondary schools. Sufficient education facilities, accommodation, transport, catering services and textbooks shall be provided to all students.

Vocational Education

More vocational training centres and technical colleges shall be established in each region.


The RDP plans to establish three more schools in Erongo, the south and north of
the country which will cater for the needs of learners living with disabilities.

Also, they want to establish sports academies in order to promote sports excellence all over the country.
Finally, they plan to promote a truly non-partisan National Youth Council.

You find the complete RDP election manifesto by clicking on the picture below.



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