Election Special: Republican Party

General Goals

(Adapted from ‘The Manifesto of the Republican Party of Namibia’)

“The Republican Party will change the entire system in order to ensure that school leavers are being properly equipped with qualifications that will enable them to pursue tertiary education at any institution of their choice.”

RP strives to change the education situation in a way based on Christian principles “with Christian Science as a subject and daily devotion to be instituted at all schools.”, as stated in their election Manifesto and will provide pre-primary and primary school free of charge and primary school subsidised by the government if parents cannot afford the tuition fees.

Secondary Education

For secondary education, RP promises to “convince the authorities that more emphasis must be put on the teaching of mathematics, science, languages and history.” They will further apply Parent-Teacher Associations to increase parental involvement. and will introduce the field of study to be pursued by learners as early as in grade 8 and not in grade 11 as it is the case now”. They further write that they would offer free Secondary Education if the budget allowed it which it does not without cutting the budgets of other sectors where the funds may much needed to improved service delivery and infrastructure.

Tertiary Education 

RP strives to review the Basic Education Teacher Diploma (BETD) and put it in line with the requirements of other SADC tertiary education institutions in order to make it easier for students to go abroad within SADC countries. They do not want to offer free Tertiary Education.

Vocational Education

RP will introduce technical schools all over the country for those learners who are not interested to pursue an academic career but rather a technical one.


Furthermore, RP wants to support vulnerable young Namibians who had to start to work earlier and who never attended school or failed to acquire literacy or even those who failed to find a job, by giving them a second chance of education to become an instrumental force that drives Namibia’s future.

You find the complete RP election manifesto by clicking on the picture below.



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