Election Special: South West Africa National Union

General Goals

(Adopted from ‘SWANU of Namibia Socialist Manifesto  for 2014 Elections’)

“A country is only at its best when the sum of its human capital is at its most optimal. […] SWANU will advocate for education as a means of equalizing the nation.”

The SWANU generally wants to introduce financial incentives, as well as annual evaluations for teachers and principals to perform better and to identify areas of improvement. Administrative workload on teachers will be cut drastically, so they can focus solely on their expertise.

Furthermore, they plan to grant Namibian businesses tax breaks for every five people under the age of 35 that they employ. They will thus be encouraged to give free internships to learners so they can obtain practical experience during their holidays.

 Secondary Education

The SWANU plans to implement effective, compulsory and free education from pre-primary to tertiary level. Science will be the basis of education in all spheres and labs and libraries will be provided to all schools.

Secondly, majoring in a given direction will start at an earlier age by widening the subject choices so that by the end of secondary school learners are already equipped for the job market. The SWANU thus plans to incorporate career guidance counsellors into the teaching staff at each school so that young learners know what to aim for.

A special focus will be mandatory computer classes for all public school learners
from grade 1 onwards; computer programming as a subject will be part of the part of the public school syllabus from grade 5 onwards.

Tertiary Education

The SWANU plans to engage private organizations to establish a sizeable university scholarship fund for at least 50% of all the highest performing grade 12 learners from
lower class and lower middle class families. Since tuition will be free, the scholarship will cover things like textbooks, etc.

They will also try to engage the private sector and the country’s universities and colleges in collaborating, in order to be able to clearly definethe skills needed in the job market so that Namibia’s tertiary education system can better focus their
courses to optimize the employment- rate of their graduates.

Vocational Education

Parents shall be given the option of sending their children a vocational school from the 8th
grade onwards, if they do not have the desire nor the propensity to excel in the mainstream education system.

Secondly, more vocational and technical training centres will be established nationwide, lifting technical education above mere craftsmanship like automechanics to higher levels of engineering.

Women Empowerment

Since the SWANU remains the only entity in high level Namibian politics to have a female vice-president, they want to increase the number of high government positions held by
women so that the country moves closer to 50/50 gender representation.

Also, they plan to provide further financial support to single mothers so that women are
not kept in abusive relationships due to finances as well as enacting stricter and much harsher laws to punish those who commit gender-based crimes such as rape,
battery, murder, etc.


SWANU wants to provide basic training centres for unemployed youth to develop necessary skills such as computer literacy that will improve their
employability while they seek jobs.



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