Election Special: All People’s Party

For Fundamental Change and Just Wealth Redistribution

(Adapted from ‘Manifesto of the All People’s Party’)

“Our goal is [to improve our state education in such a way that it will] make [our children] more competitive and allow them to go to any university or tertiary educational institution in the world or be employable anywhere in the world.


For the All People’s Party, the youth is our country’s most presious and premium insurance for our future, thus young people must count now and not later”

Despite the fact that Africa is endowed with vast natural resources and human capital, African talent has continued to migrate to Europe, the USA, Australia, and the Middle East in search of greener pastures. Namibia today ranks amongst the infamous top 5 countries with the most unequal income distribution in the world while unemployment is at a staggering 37% – there is thus only really little reason for skilled workers to stay in Namibia, when opportunities abroad are so much more abundant.

Teachers are underpaid and have no motivation to upgrade their qualifications as a result of the government’s policy of non- recognition of further education which leads to less than half of close to 25 000 learners who sit for the grade 10 junior secondary school exams being able to proceed to grade 11. Annual qualification for students to enter our own UNAM and Polytechnic of Namibia is below 3000.

Secondary Education

As stated above, if elected, the APP will make secondary education compulsory and free for everyone, including the possibility of automatic repetition of higher secondary grades. Secondly, they want to ensure that children are thaught in all core subjects, in order to have a broader knowledge- base and for that provide all school with a fully operational information technology communication (ITC) centre. Finally, they plan on returning science and mathematics teachers and lecturers who are retired but who are still fit for service to help with teaching and thus ensure that all children get the kind of assistance that they need.

Tertiary Education

While also providing free tertiary education, the APP also suggests to  encourage specialists in fields such as accounting, information, technology, science, mathematics etc. to tutor our less privileged children after hours for them to master these subjects and in return provide tax incentives to those volunteers. Also, tha APP wants to ensure the proper re- grading and recognition of all qualifications obtained by Namibians before and shortly after independence in the former East block countries of Eastern Europe and Cuba.

Vocational School 

The APP plans to expand and establish more vocational and technical training institutions in every region of the country thus focusing especially on more agricultural colleges.


The All People’s Party wants to make sure that the allround development (education, sports, culture, arts and business entrepreneurship) of our youth is put higher on the development agenda of government. They also want to make sure that all the young people wanting to go and work abroad are supported by giving them necessary security with Namibian financial institutions which families might not be able to afford.

Together with all stakeholders in the industry they plan to develop and implement a youth support program for the active promotion of young musicians and other creative artists to promote Namibian music and other creative arts both locally and internationally.
Finally, they plan to send a minimum of 500 students a year abroad for university, vocational and other further technical studies from their own resources.



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