New English website

Since the foundation of Welwitschia — Education Initiative for Namibia, we have had one website which contained both English and German as languages. With time and the growing success of our organisation, we decided to put on one website for our German and one for our Namibian branch. This will bring more structure on our online representation and satisfies the various claims of Welwitschia Germany and Namibia such as different activities. Nonetheless, one can still have access to the website of Welwitschia Germany by just clicking on the button “to Welwitschia Germany”. However, the site will be in German.

If you do not want to miss any news, you only need to type your e-mail address in the “Follow” widget and you will receive a notification every time we publish a new article.

We hope you like our new concept! If you like our organisation and want to become part of it on a voluntary basis you can contact us at any time via our contact form.


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