Visa inequality

As NamCareerService has received many inquiries on how to apply for a visa to Germany, we decided to address this complex issue in the following post.

As stated on the website for Foreign Policy and International Relations of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs for the Republic of Namibia, citizens wishing to travel abroad should, before starting with travel arrangements, visit the Embassies or High Commissions to apply for visas. Since this might take some time, you are well-advised to do so way ahead of time, in order to avoid delays. Also, make sure that your passport will not expire within six months after your arrival.

According to the passport ranking by, the Namibian passport is only ranked 116, enabling its holders to travel to 73 countries without a visa. Among those countries are for example Botswana, Kenya and even Canada and the UK.

For German citizens, on the other hand, it is much easier to travel abroad, since their passport is ranked second, enabling its holders to visit 167 countries without needing a visa prior to their arrival. Interestingly, Germans can even come to Namibia for up to three months without having to go through the visa application process, while Namibian citizens are not allowed to come to Germany without a visa.

For all visa information, you can visit But because visa procedures can be quite complicated and nerve-racking, we chose to give you a short guideline on how to apply for a student visa for the Federal Republic of Germany:

Step 1: Book an appointment (online) and appear in person so your fingerprints can be taken.

Step 2: Download and fill in 2 application forms “Application for a Residence Permit” as well as two declarations on true and complete information.

Additionally, you will need 2 biometric passport photographs, a valid passport, acceptance letter by a German University, proof of knowledge of German language, proof of health insurance, proof of means of subsistence (min. EUR 659,00 per month) as well as EUR 60,00 visa fee.

While study visa procedures tend to be quite complicated in general, wait until you see all the requirements you need to fulfill for a simple tourist visa:

You do not only need an appointment at the embassy, a valid passport, two passport photographs and fingerprints, but also a valid return ticket, proof of subsistence of at least EUR 50,- a day, proof of accommodation, proof of intention to return to Namibia, travel medical insurance and the EUR 60,- visa- fee.

While nobody seems to be able to explain why people of one country need a visa and people of another country do not (which is in fact highly discriminating), we should keep hope up that someday we will all be able to travel without those massive time restrictions.


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