How to make it in Namibia [Part 1].

We found this very inspirational text on a blog hosted by a Namibian

The Limitless Voyage

I remember when I first found out Superman wasn’t real, that Superman didn’t exist; I broke down crying because my heart knew that there was no one coming to rescue us. No matter what, no matter where, Superman always came to the rescue.

I remember a story about a man who worked day and night so that his daughter could finish her degree in sociology. She managed to finish university, and after knocking on many doors she finally found a job working as a secretary in a cement company. Even so, her father always said with pride: “My daughter has a university degree.

I hate this world. I hate the government. I hate school because the teachers expected me to sit still and to pretend to be interested. But Education is the key to make it out of this hole.

I was born in one of the poorest…

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