New Management Committee

On 15 March 2015, the annual member’s assembly took place in Windhoek. The members discussed the activities in the past year, which goals were achieved and which ones will be taken over to the new year. Furthermore, new activities were delegated. One group will now work on a career newspaper where information on career and education shall be published. We will further host more application workshops in the next few months all around the country.

The most important part, however, was the election of the new Management Committee. Besides Samuel Neshuku (Director for Cooperation) and Justina Murungweni (Finances), who were reelected, we have four new faces in the team: Eva Shitaatala, our ASA SouthNorth intern who will go to Germany for three months on 02 April is our new chairwoman. Kevin Wessels, our Educational Advisor in the office, takes over the position of the Vicechairman. The new Secretary is Magdalena David and Hella Shikongo is responsible for Education. We are looking forward to new activities and a lively cooperation between the Namibian and German Management Committees.DSC_5818


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