Report from our scholarship-holder Tikila

The following serves as the report for the activities to have taken place in April 2015.

April being an important month started with the qualifying of exams and Vocation Schooling. All for subjects have been carefully read and questioned from a student’s point of view, in order to submit the assignments. The results; admission to the exams


1. Understanding the importance of banking, cash management services and credit.
2. Understanding the consumer lending, factors that lead to it and the related terms.
3. Knowing the definitions and key functions from tellers to shareholders of bank firms.

They key element of knowing consumer products played an important role in tackling the above challenges. Not only is it a necessity to know the difference between loan and deposit products, but vital to understand scenarios and learning objects of the the units in general.

Study time has still remained the same. The progress from mere local banking systems to international banking services environment is a delicate topic which has been an eye-opener. Stability being a key factor of the banking environment ensures that customer services offered are done to maximum output.

I have generally stayed in contact with the student administrator, Mrs Subeb on arrangements for further classes preferably over the weekend when free. General Accounting terms pop up everywhere; so relating them to the work load is simple and also enjoyable.

I wish I could shed more light on the instruments and money market issues tackled globally but that is a very long topic. However, it is not going to be covered as explained by the admin herself.
Before end of May, students will be lucky enough to have CEOs of random banks (FnB, Nedbank, Bank Windhoek, Development Bank of Namibia) in Namibia come in to the IOB institute and discuss the everyday workload of a banker, investment banker etc and the answering of questions that we have. Dates are to be announced.

In conclusion, my studies have picked up from the petty theories terms. We have branched into understanding international markets and services.



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