May report from our scholarship holder Tikila Munashimwe

The following short report is a recap ion the May activities in regards to the Banking, Finance and Credit Programme I am currently studying at the IOB (Institute of Banking).

This is a summary of the exams I have taken:

Introduction to Credit and Consumer Lending:

This was a difficult subject primarily because Lecturers are interested in seeing the student comprehend the nature of borrowing, understanding the terms as well as the accounting terms in lending from institutions or organisations. The duration was for three hours of which I utilised almost all three. The multiple choice was easy to say but I will let the results speak for itself one completed.

Introduction to Financial Statements

This was the easiest of the exams. The focus was on Profitability, Liquidity and Shareholder return ratios. We were given a scenario with Income statements, Balance sheets etc. of which we were asked to interpret the performances of companies and thus compare them with figures from the previous year. I enjoyed this one.

Introduction to Financial Services and Products

This subject was a breeze to study but I needed ample time to learn the Bank Products and Services offered. These include Insurance, SME (Small Medium Enterprises) support, Retirement Funds and policies, Comparisons between small banks and bigger ones, managing risks in terms of borrowing and how interest is earned by financial institutes. While studying this, this reminded me of Welwitschia organisation, too. Reason being that, 3/4 of the study fee is what you have paid for me. What would I have to pay back in total with interest if it wasn’t a scholarship?? 🙂

Introduction to Financial and Economic Concepts: 

This was the most difficult exam of the four. Case studies evolved to about 50% of the paper itself and this was a major concern when answering questions i.e. full explanations were required, descriptions had to be precise and topics had to be simultaneously well structured or I could lose marks. Economic factors arising from production stages (Primary, Secondary and Tertiary stages of Production) were the prime focus of the exam as well as knowing about recession, booms etc. The stock market, bonds and how they are transferred on the stock exchange LEGALLY was the highlight of the subject.

In conclusion, I think I did well or let me say, I KNOW I did well this time round. I’m not so keen on the last one but I believe I passed with good marks. I am looking forward to registering for the new semester in June and will commence with my distance studying as usual.

Tikila at IOB

Tikila at IOB


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