Proposal for ASA SouthNorth exchange

We want to send you to Germany, we want to receive some Germans

Welwitschia Education Initiative for Namibia this year worked on a collaboration that saw one Namibian sent on a three month exchange program to Germany and in return Namibia getting one intern from Germany starting next month.

It’s against this background that this year we want to participate in the ASA SouthNorth exchange program to send one of you to Germany for three months on an intercultural exchange program and get some Germans too.
But to do that, we need your opinions on possible projects we could work together with. This project, according to ASA, should be an issue of current importance in the field of development policy that creates a link between the two countries involved (Namibia and Germany).

Preferred are topics that give insight in global dependencies and the shared responsibilities of North and South countries, such as global production and consumption structures, climate change or migration. Also possible are topics that show similar or comparable aspects between the two countries, as for example work with disadvantaged teenagers or environmental education.

“This year, we are particularly looking forward to project proposals from the field “Freedom of Movement”, since this topic has been elected as the annual theme 2016 of the ASA program” ASA said.

Do you have any thoughts or opinions on what the two organizations can come up with together and work on a proposal so that our dream to send one or two interns on a three months program to German and receiving interns in return can become a reality? Please leave your comments here, inbox us or send an email to for the attention of Sammie Neshuku.

Candidates who submit great ideas will also have great chances of being selected should the idea be the one we propose in our proposal. This announcement is open to both Namibians and and Germans.

Namibians, please share this, Germans please share this. Both countries are calling for you!!

Learn more about the ASA exchange program here:

ASA exchange

Our two ASA interns from 2015


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