Welwitschia is looking for interns in Namibia and Germany – Closed!



Perspectives on Colonialism
– a Media Project on the Colonial Perspectives of Namibia and Germany and Their Present Relation

Due to the colonial history, there is a particular relation between Namibia and Germany. But how many people in Germany even know about the colonial past while it’s significantly noticeable in Namibia? How much does the civic society of both countries know about today’s political and economic relation? How do the youth, experts and politicians think about the German-Namibian relation back then and today?

The project offered by Free Your Mind! and Welwitschia is dealing with these questions and wants to create awareness of the disparity between Germany and Namibia. Therefore, an international project- team will deal with the relations of both countries, collect information, conduct interviews and create a short documentary and/or website.

Who we are

The German host organization Weltwitschia e.V. aims at communicating a diverse and stereotype- free picture of Namibia in Germany. The organization works closely with its partner organization in Namibia whose main goal is to improve the education of young Namibians. Welwitschia e.V. works decentralized via internet and frequent meetings, but without any permanent office and employees. If needed, a working space and access to libraries can be organized. There will be a direct contact person in Frankfurt am Main working with the team. Additionally, regular meetings with other members will be organized in order to carve out the project.
Free Your Mind! Entertainment CC, based in Windhoek, produces a comedy show dealing with current affairs, national and local politics in an entertaining way. It is also working closely with other partners dealing with national political topics. The South phase will take place in Windhoek where the participants will have access to the Theatre School to work.

What we want to do

The German-Namibian project-team will engage in this media project dissecting the colonial past and present of their countries and today’s relation between both, and edit a documentary video or create a website depending on the participants’ competences. Building on research on the historical, political and economical background of the relations between both countries, the team will conduct interviews with experts from different professional backgrounds and with young people asking about their views on colonialism and the present relationship between Germany and Namibia. The work seeks to challenge stereotypes, to inform about the colonial past of both countries and to discuss parallels and differing views on their relationship. Working with own film equipment and laptop is an advantage, but the material can also be provided.

The North phase will take place between April and June 2017; the South phase between August and October 2017. Two ASA seminars will take place during the North phase, another in spring 2018. A prerequisite for taking part in the ASA program is an active participation in the seminars. The program comprises two three-month full-time internships. The North phase will take place in Frankfurt am Main. Working language is English.

Whom we look for:

This project is directed towards people who are interested in media and communication, with a focus on documentaries or websites as a means for civic education. The partner organizations are looking for interns with experience in conducting interviews, skills in video editing and/or designing websites, as well as the ability to conduct in-depth research on the project topic. The outcome will be a documentary or a website, depending on the interns’ competences, which focuses on colonialism and the challenges for the present relationship between two countries in a globalized world. In alignment with ASA’s guidelines, we expect participants to be open to better understand and question global interdependencies, sustainability concepts and different forms of discrimination.

Vocational fields / Fields of study: Communication and Media, Art, Culture and Design, Computer Science, Information and Communications Technology, Human and Social Sciences, Culture and Media Sciences, Linguistics and Literature, Journalism, Media design, Political Science, Sociology, History and Travel and Tourism.

What we offer

Financial support that covers costs with:

  • Accomondation in Germany
  • German course in Germany
  • Visa costs
  • Plane ticket (return)

Important: The 3-month internship phase in Windhoek is NOT paid but pocket money will be provided.

What is ASA?

The German ASA program is a learning and qualification program dedicated to Global Learning. It is aimed at young people who want to better understand global interdependencies, who ask critical questions and who want to strengthen a fair and sustainable world. To meet today’s complex global challenges, ASA wants to create awareness, provide necessary knowledge and experiences, build capacities of young people to engage and take responsibility in their society, connect people and give spaces for exchange and developing new ideas together.

For more information: (some links are only available in German) https://asa.engagement-global.de/ http://en.asa-programm.de/english/home/


Send an e-mail with a short motivation letter explaining why you would like to be part of this internship program and how you can contribute and your CV to asa@welwitschia.org.

We are looking forward to hear from you!


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