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You are not sure about your application documents? We have compiled some guidelines for writing a CV and a cover letter, including samples that will help you to write a successful application. It is very important for us that all Namibians are able to benefit from this service. Please tell your friends and relatives about this page and share the documents with them, they are supposed to be spread all around the country!

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Step 1: Curriculum Vitae

First of all, it is useful to see how a good CV looks like. For this reason, please download the sample:
CV sample (file size: 106 KB)

In order to add all relevant information, you can use this guide. Then everything that is important will be included:
CV guide (file size: 108 KB)

Last but not least, you can check with this list whether you did not forget anything. Just tick off the single points and you are ready to go:
Check list (file size: 138 KB)

Step 2: Cover Letter

Writing a good cover letter is not easy, this is a sample that describes what should be added in the single paragraphs. Please note: Write an individual cover letter for each cover letter and avoid standard phrases such as “I am hardworking” etc. Furthermore, you should explain how you achieved your described skills. Example: “Due to my commitment in the SRC, I learned how to speak in front of a group.”
Cover Letter sample (file size: 70 KB)

Step 3: Interview

Congratulations, you are invited for an interview! But what now? How do I prepare myself? What could be asked? What am I supposed to wear? This guide will help you with your preparations including some sample questions that might be asked.
Interview guide (file size: 100 KB)


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