Career Prospect

Every day many e-mails reach us from people who do not know what to study or work even though there are many opportunities out there. Our cooperation partner TUCSIN has developed a career prospect in which various professions are presented and explained. Each profession includes a description of its requirements, where and how one can get educated and some general tips. Feel free to download the different files and find out whether the job of your dream is really something for you or whether another profession might be even more suitable. As always, if you have any questions, you can contact us at any time!

Accountant (file size: 880 KB)
Auto Engineering and Metal Trades (file size: 900 KB)
Biology (file size: 651 KB)
Building & Construction (file size: 1.2 MB)
Computer Science (file size: 944 KB)
Dentistry (file size: 987 KB)
Electrical Engineering (file size: 786 KB)
Engineering (file size: 1.1 MB)
Environmental Sciences (file size: 1.3 MB)
Geology (file size: 864 KB)
Graphic Design (file size: 1 MB)
Human Resource Manager (file size: 669 KB)
Journalism (file size: 1.1 MB)
Law (file size: 741 KB)
Library Science – Information Studies (file size: 654 KB)
Occupational Therapist (file size: 913 KB)
Optometrist (file size: 817 KB)
Paramedic Sciences (file size: 1.2 MB)
Pharmacist (file size: 1.1 MB)
Public Health (file size: 832 KB)
Radio & TV Careers (file size: 686 KB)
Radiology 1 (file size: 730 KB)
Radiology 2 (file size: 910 KB)
Special Needs Educator (file size: 788 KB)
Secretarial (file size: 836 KB)
Tour Guide (file size: 1 MB)
Veterinary Sciences (file size: 754 KB)

TRADES IN NAMIBIA (VOCATIONAL TRAINING) / Designated trades in Namibia are currently the following:

Auto Engineering & Metal (file size: 900 KB)
Beauty & Hair (file size: 596 KB)
Building & Construction (file size: 866 KB)
Electrical Engineering (file size: 786 KB)
Entrepreneurship (file size: 748 KB)
Food (file size: 750 KB)
Mechanical Engineering (file size: 1.2 MB)