Education Tips

Finding the career path that is most suitable for you is not an easy task. For a career decision, you must know yourself very well, you must have good grades and know where you can study what. The following documents, created by our cooperation partner TUCSIN, will help you on your way to your dream job. Just download, go through and learn from them. If you have questions, you can contact us at any time!

  1. It is important to choose the career of your choice and not of somebody else’s choice. For this purpose you need to know your personality well. This little test will help you to learn more about your personality type: Choosing a career (file size: 1.3 MB)
  2. In order to write good marks, you need to structure your studying well. This guide shows different techniques how you can make studying more effective: Learning Skills (file size: 1.3 MB)
  3. One of the most important things you can do before looking for work or start with studies is to consider what skills and abilities you already have. This document further shows you how you can develop these: Types of Skills & Abilities (file size: 780 KB)
  4. There are many different ways how to finance your study. This guide gives you a little overview of the different opportunities: Tertiary Studies & Funding (file size: 981 KB)
  5. This is another document that introduces you into different kinds of institutions and gives you more opportunities to finance your studies: Institutions & Funding (file size: 1.1 MB)
  6. If you want to study abroad, then this document will give you important information on how to organise it best: Studying abroad (file size: 970 KB)
  7. This guide helps you prepare for your next mock exams: Mock Exams (file size: 712 KB)
  8. In order to pass your final exams, this guide gives you valuable tips on how to pass them: Final Exams (file size: 838 KB)
  9. If you have the impression that your study habits are ineffective, then this guide will show you some tips and tricks how to improve them: Effective Study Habits