The Initiative

Welwitschia — Education Initiative for Namibia has emerged from a group of young people who have made a development volunteer service in Namibia 2010/2011 with the German Society for International Cooperation (GIZ). The initiative is committed to the improvement of the educational situation in Namibia and on the other hand for the presentation of diverse and stereotype-free understanding of Namibia in Germany.

Since March 2014, the organisation is registered and engaged in Namibia as well. The goal of the organisation has always been to be not only Germany-centred but represented by young Namibians as well. Whereas Welwitschia in Germany focuses more on activities to diversify the picture of Namibia in Europe, the Namibian branch is committed to improving the chances for furthering the education of young Namibians by hosting application workshops all around the country.

The two organisations work independently from each other but in close cooperation such as by hosting the Facebook page “NamCareerService by” together.

You want to help us?

We not only help young people, we also need help. In order to host application workshop and to finance our office, we need your support!

— Support our projects with a donation (see bank details in right sidebar).
— Become a member.*
— Tell your friends and relative about our initiative.
— Like our Facebook Pages:

* A full member works within the association and is engaged in one of our departments. An associate member is engaged with a self-determined amount which is being transferred to the association once a year.

Bank details
Welwitschia — Education Initiative Namibia
Account Number: 62251179696
Account Type: Savings
FNB Main Branch

Donate via PayPal
If you have a PayPal account you can transfer a donation straightforwardly. If you do not have a PayPal account, you can easily create one. Here is a guide if you do not know how to. Donate with PayPal now

(Please note that PayPal charges 1.2% plus 0.35 € which will be subtracted from the donated amount. As an example: If you donate 10.00 €, 9.53 € will remain after the distraction.)

The Board

Tauno Iipinge — Chairman
vacant — Vice Chairman (Director for Public Relations)
Justina Murungweni — Treasurer (Director for Fundraising)
Jatandavara Muatjetjeja — Secretary (Director for Internal Communication)
Samuel Neshuku — Director for Partner Assistance
Joyce Amakali — Education Officer


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