What we do

Many young Namibians are not aware of their opportunities at school, during their tertiary education and afterwards. These personal constraints can, to a significant degree, be drawn back to the limited use of provided career advising at schools and preparation for getting employed.

Welwitschia — Education Initiative for Namibia aims at combating the lack of information provision in the Namibian education sector with three tools:

1. NamCareerService

The Facebook-based platform aims at combating the lack of information provision in the Namibian education sector.

We guide students and give orientation regarding the opportunities that arise after their graduation from high school or any tertiary educational institution.

On the one hand, we publish scholarships and bursaries that are being provided by Namibian and international institutions, organisations and corporations and intend to support the students with funding their tuition fees and maintenance.

Learn more about it here.

2. Welwitschia Office

Since September 2014, we rent an office in 12 Axali Doeseb Street, Windhoek West in order to give young people the opportunity to received offline career guidance. As many Namibians still have difficulties with internet access which is often linked with high costs, this offer will make sure that people without Smartphone, Laptop or any other devices to use the internet, have the chance to get advice regarding their future career. We further offer the possibility to submit application documents and have them checked by our Educational Advisor as well as being provided with information material.

You would like to visit our office? Then send an e-mail to office[at]nam.welwitschia.org.

3. Application Workshops

We travel around the country and help improve learners, students and adults how to improve their application documents. The workshop lasts about three hours. Besides writing a good cover letter, the importance of a convincing cover letter is being explained as well as how one prepares oneself for an interview. At the end, the participants have not only better CVs and cover letters in their hands but also guides and samples which will help them for future applications and which they can share with friends. The workshops are free of charge, however, we are always pleased if we can copy our documents for the participants for free.

Are you interested in an application workshop at your school/institution/organisation? Then send an e-mail to office[at]nam.welwitschia.org with a request.


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