Your Career

We, Welwitschia – Education Initiative for Namibia, want to support you in the best possible ways so that you can follow the career of your choice and dream. For this purpose we not only offer career guidance and application workshops all around the country but also have a wide-ranging online service for you. In this section of your website, you find a lot of information on your applications, your studies and how to finance.

If you want to apply for a job or a study course, you will have to submit at least a CV. Our famous Application Guide helps you to write a good CV, a convincing cover letter and how to prepare for an interview.

Application Guide

If you are still at school or university, you might need some tips on which type of career you   should, what you would like to study, how to prepare yourself for your exams.

Education Tips

There many different career opportunities in Namibia. It is hard to find the one that suits you best. The documents in this section introduce various professions and will help you with the very decision.

Career Prospect